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LPX-16P Full-automatic flat wire crimping machine
LPX-16P Full-automatic flat wire crimping machine

Product information:

1) LPX-16 full-automatic terminal crimping machine is automatic machine for flat cable cutting, stripping, slitting and crimping (one-end or both-end), it is high-technology and high-speed machine for flat-cable.

2) High-efficiency, the speed can be up to 20000 unit terminal per hour.

3) It is whole-automatic machine improves the old running design by manual. Save labour and the machinery running is more stable.

4) PLC and touch-screen are be the machinery control system, easy to operate. We use good-quality PLC programed controller. No need to change any machinery parts if process different size cable and different flat cable number.

5) The rollers use servo-motor driver, crimping pressure control is precious.

6) High-technology machine but easy to operate. The operator can operate the machine well after the simple training.

Product specification:
1) Cable diameter: min. 0.9mm; max. 1.8mm (AWG #28- AWG #22)

2) Number of flat cable: 4P-16P

3) Cutting length: ≥75mm. It can cut shorter length if customized requirement.

4) Terminal crimping direction: adjustable both sides

5) Terminal crimping capacity: adjustable

6) Electric power: 220V, 50/60HZ

7) Machinery overall size: 1200X600X1300 (mm)

8) Weight: 200 kgs

product feature:

1) The machine is main for crimping the terminals of colourful communication cable harness, including PH, XH, EH, and ZH, etc; And it is for crimping the flat cable terminal of strip connector, including SCN, SM, VH and Dupont, etc

) Automatic production makes the cutting, sltting and stripping precious, and it makes the terminal crimping well to improve the quality of finished product.

3) Use Panasonnic servo motor driver, it controls well the terminal crimping strength.

4) Full-automatic production, it saves the labour, no manual operator from flat cable cutting, stripping, slitting, one-end or both-end crimping.

5) Use less space (less than 1 CMB) for the machinery layout.

6) High efficiency.


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