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LLY-1D Full-automatic terminal crimping machine (one end)
LLY-1D Full-automatic terminal crimping machine (one end)

LLY-1D full-automatic terminal crimping machine is for automatic wire cutting, stripping, terminal feeding and one end crimping.

Product information:
One end crimping, and the other end stripping.
High-quality, automatic cutting, stripping and crimping.
High-precision, easy to operate, and stable parameter
Easy to loosen or tighten the wire pressing rollers, and easy to adjust the depth of cutting blade.
Easy for keying in the stripping length, etc.
Product specification:
Overall size: 1060×600×1380 (mm)
Weight: Around 290 kgs
Power Supply: AC 220V
Function: Wire cutting, one-end stripping, both-end stripping, one-end crimping, and one-end twisting
Available stripping length: 1mm-15mm
Available cutting length: 25mm-9999mm
Crimping capacity: 1.5 T
Twisting length: 3mm-10mm
Compressed air: 5-6 kgf (clean & dry air)
Available wire size: AWG #32- AWG #18 0.05mm2-0.8mm2
Processing speed: 3800 pcs/hour (L=100mm) without twisting, 3000pcs/hour inlcuding twisting.
Detector: Detecting terminal feeding and wire feeding.
Auxiliary assembly: Wire pre-feeding assembly, the waste paper of terminal winding assembly.
Machinery parts: 1) Use Japan YASKAWA servo motor and driver, more precisious and stable; 2) Use Japan SMC electromagnetic valve and Taiwan Jingqi Pneumatic parts, more stable and durable, high-efficiency; 3) Use Omron sensor and Taiwan Yangming sensor; 4) Use chip microcomputer control, easy to control.
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