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LLNC-3T terminal crimp machine
LLNC-3T terminal crimp machine

LLNC-3T senu-automatic terminal crimping machine is to manual terminal crimp machine with 3 tons.

Product information:

It is semi-automatic and noiseless terminal crimping machine.

High crimping precision, high stability and easy to operate.

It is ideal machine for mass production.


Product specification:
1) Overall size: 680×390×350 mm

2) Crimping pressure: 3.0 Ton

3) Speed: 1400 rpm

4) Net Weight: 58kg

5) Power supply: AC220V, 50HZ

6) Crimping capacity: 6~12 mm2

7) Press speed: 6000 Cycle /hour

8)Motor power: 1.1KW


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