Product List
IOBX-8 Wire stripping machine
IOBX-8 Wire stripping machine
LLBX-8 automatic wire cutting and stripping machine is automatic cable cut and strip machine.
Product information
It is fit for processing flat RVV wires. Largely used for processing power wire, telephone wire, and other wires used in digital products.
It is special for double-sheath stripping, it can process the outside sheath, and it is ok to process inner sheath of conductor wire.
Computerized control the wire rollers up-and-down, it can strip super long out-sheath (up to 199mm).
If diffcult to stip, the operator can set N times to strip the wire head (multi-time stripping), but the computer can claculate the best times of multi-stripping for stripping the wire end.
Product specification
1) Overall size: W440×D400×H300 mm
2) Net Weight: 30 kg
3) Power supply: AC220V/AC110V  50/60HZ
4) Power consumption: 400W
5) Available stripping length: 0.2-39mm
6) Available cutting length: 0.2-- 99999 mm
7) Cutting tolerance: ± (0.2+0.002*L) mm
8) Wire type: PVC,VSF,IV,KV, Teflon, Glass Wire
9) Width of flat wire: ≤ 10mm
10) Dividing Length: Head: 0-199m; End: 0-60mm
11) Dividing tolerance: +/-1mm
12) Dividing times: 0-9 times
13) Processing speed: 35 pcs/time (L=200mm, A=B=5mm, C=D=5mm RVV stripping)
14) Machinery outside case: stainless steel case
15) Machinery parts: America UBC bearing, high level motors and drivers, Taiwan brand EG screw, cooling fan, electrimagnetic valve and air fliter. One set TGK inner hexagon spanner free of charge.
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